Citizens means that we live in your world. We will know you to design for you. Your mission becomes our mission. Design means we are passionate about intelligent, imaginative ideas that stand out, that make a statement, that set you apart.

Citizens of Design means we view ourselves in partnership with you, with your vision, with you on center stage. We stand with you, we stand behind you, we create design that stands for you.

As Citizens of Design we live and breath creativity. In essence, we were born to design. We live where form, color and type come together to design your message. We seek to bring imaginative, high quality design to every client and encourage our clients to participate in the creative process.

Citizens of Design harmonizes what is real with what can be imagined.

We succeed when we convey your message as your brand. With our clients, we create a space that moves beyond art as object to design that says who you are and what you represent, what you value.

We want to make the world more beautiful one brand at a time.



To be a citizen of design we must be passionate about the arts, culture and design. We believe intelligent and imaginative ideas stand out. We mean by this that we understand art cannot sacrifice meaning and that means: Who you are. We research: We work with you to know your business. We obsess the details that make the big picture: Your success. We experiment.

Your message becomes our mission.

Jessica de Soria Dalton owns and operates Citizens of Design, formally known as Open Space Design, and brings over 13 years of experience to the company. Citizens of Design provides high-quality work competitive with the best agencies, but without the high-priced tags or lack of personal service. We value the collaboration with our clients, with our community, and with our environment.



Citizens of Design provides all facets of design through a variety of media. We understand our client's needs. We listen, probe, discuss and plan with you.

Together with you, we design a strategy that defines the scope of the work, timing, budget and deliverables. We do this up front: no surprises later. You can count on us to be accountable.

Identity and Brand Strategy  

We start with research and content development. In this first phase, we define your organization’s needs. we work with you to understand your values, what you stand for and how you want to be perceived. In the second phase, we develop a brand concept that reflects the qualities that are uniquely yours. Finally, we identify how your brand will be used strategically in all media and applications. We will develop a brand strategy for you that will last.

The time has come to get your brand seen. One of the more traditional and most effective, proven means of doing this is print media. Printed pieces: Business card. Company brochure. Annual report. Outdoor signage. And more. Vive le Print!

Online and Website Services  

Your online presence is integral to the branding and communications campaign. Citizens of Design will help you secure a web presence: We will identify the best channels for you within the world wide web. We will create or improve your website. We will develop e-mail campaigns, e-newsletters, online advertising, search engine optimization and social media to communicate your message through the web.

Photography Services  



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